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What is series motor and its characteristics?

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Single phase series excitation motor is commonly known as series excitation motor or universal motor (foreign name), which is named because the excitation winding and excitation winding work together in series. Single phase series excitation motor belongs to AC and DC dual-purpose motor. It can work with AC power supply or DC power supply.

ingle phase series motor has the advantages of high speed, small volume, light weight and convenient speed regulation, so it is used as the power source in most electric tools. However, the single-phase series motor used in electric tools starts frequently, with high speed, large vibration, uneven load and easy blockage, which makes the armature temperature rise sharply. Because of these characteristics, high requirements are put forward for the manufacturing quality of single-phase series motor. Single phase series motor is mainly composed of stator, armature and casing, which has the highest requirements for armature.

Series motor is widely used in the fields of electric tools, kitchen supplies and floor care products because of its wide adjustable speed range and large starting torque.